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Does Amazon Studios Want Your Screenplay?

Amazon Studios
Does Amazon Studios Want Your Screenplay?

This is exciting times for screenwriters trying to break through. It seems that Amazon might want your screenplay, and it’s trying to make it easier for you to create it. Amazon said today that is is broadening its script-submission policy,  and they have also introduced formatting software to help writers with their work.

 Amazon also said it will start accepting drama scripts for the first time — in addition to movie, primetime comedy and kids shows — and no longer will take a free option on any works submitted directly to

Amazon Storywriter is a free, cloud-based program for scribes of all levels that facilitates the creation of movie and TV screenplays in standard format. Features include as-you-type auto-formatting and the importing/exporting of PDF, FDX and Fountain formats. The material is stored in the cloud.

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